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July 25, 2012

Penn State Quick Take

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Leading up to the sanctions against Penn State, the chatter on sports talk radio, the blogosphere, and most human face-to-face interactions revolved around Penn State deserving the death penalty. Some form of a 4 to 10 year sanction limiting even football participation.

Since NCAA President Mark Emmert’s surprising ruling on the Penn State-Sandusky cover up, the media by and large, has pulled its usual “about face”. Scores of analysts and reporters have turned to whatever medium will have them to argue about “the kids”. Not “the kids” affected by Jerry Sandusky. In this case, “the kids” referenced are of the college variety, rather large in size, and play football.

In what society do the decisions of a few in leadership roles not affect the masses which that leadership presides over

The $60 Million and 4 year bowl ban for the program went in the media’s collective ear and out the other end as an indictment on the amateur athletes affected by the sanctions. All of a sudden a time that should reflect basic humanity and decency became a moment to question a ruling that is being portrayed by some as being too harsh.

I may need clarification on something. In what section of society do the decisions of a few in leadership roles not affect the masses which that leadership presides over?

CEO’s, Director’s, and President’s all represent the interests of many. Somehow through this situation the current team is at the forefront of everyone’s pity and concern.

What?!?!?!? And why?!?!?!?

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