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July 2, 2012

Summer’s Sleeping Giant

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Written by: ivyprosper
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Maiden Noir is a Seattle-based company creating some of the coolest most comfortable looks for men.  Inspired by the landscape of the mountains they’ve dubbed the collections for spring and summer ‘St. Helen the First Seven‘ and ‘The Sleeping Giant Collection’ respectively.  You’ll find many pieces bring in the style of an outdoors-man with an urban flavour.  The colours are natural tones of beige, brown, green and blue with hints of bright colour.  A common pattern used in the spring/summer collection is that of camouflage.   They also have an assortment of denim available in the trendy slim cut along with standard and original fit.   The footwear collection features oxfords made in a soft suede with a pure white outsole.

Step into summer in style with the collection Maiden Noir has dubbed ‘The Sleeping Giant Collection



Maidennoir Summer Collection

Maidennoir Summer Collection

Maidennoir Summer Collection

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