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June 10, 2012

Could This Be The Death of Boxing?

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Even Bradley knows who should have been awarded the W. (courtesy: badlefthook.com)

Last night I was basking in the glory that was the Miami Heat’s victory over the Boston Celtics. As I exchanged a few tweets with friends, I started to notice the tone of many people’s tweets change:

“How did Bradley already know the rematch date Nov. 10th? At what point in the fight did this get done? When did Pac Man know he lost? #fb”

“Even when I heard 1st judge score 115-113 In favor of PAC I was shocked…i had it 118-110…Bradley even knows he shouldn’t have won.”

“#Bob #Arum: “I’ve never been as ashamed to be associated with the sport of boxing as I am tonight”

I thought this was impossible. Manny Pacquiao could not have lost to someone I couldn’t pick out of a line-up with a sign over his head that said, “I’m Timothy Bradley”.

“ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!” – The Honorable Kevin Garnett

In what was just the latest example of the poor state of boxing, Timothy Bradley won in a split decision against arguably the best boxer in the world, Manny Pacquiao. This is not to say that on any given day, a boxer that is prepared and focused enough to beat someone, cannot beat that fighter. However, when you hear that boxer say, “ I tried hard but I could not beat that guy”, some red flags should be raised.

PSA to Boxing:

You just put the nail in the coffin that was America’s interest in your sport. While there is one matchup America is still interested in seeing, Pacquiao vs Mayweather, there is still a level of justice the American audience wants to be served in the outcome of athletic competition.

If you pair this with the amount of violence in boxing and mixed-martial arts, the US audience would prefer to see a little less violence in exchange for a true winner I’m sure.

I hope Floyd Mayweather isn’t smiling too big right now..

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  1. kofi

    Arum calling for an investigation? Now that’s funny! Of course this is nothing but a PR move. The only one capitalizing off Bradley’s win is Arum. The same Arum who controls BOTH fighters. The same Arum who’s bribed officials in the past. The same Arum who pronounced “I don’t give a $$%K what the fans want”. And the same Arum who’ll capitalize on future Pacquiao & Bradley fights. Funny how he has all these gullible fans blaming the judges. Get a clue people. Arum is no different from the mob in the 50′s. This has been happening in boxing forever.

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