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June 8, 2012

Why Women Have Sex: Conquest and Adventure

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Last week I started a series on my personal blog, Fly Young Intellectual called Why Women Have Sex. No, I didn’t poll any women or just fish a bunch of theories out of my head. The idea came from a book I’m reading called…Why Women Have Sex. The book is very interesting and I felt that there was information in it that every man needs to know. But since some of you knuckleheads have an aversion to this book, I thought I’d post my findings and sprinkle a little of my opinion in for good measure.

If she’s suddenly feeling you more than she was a week ago… You better be prepared!

Some interesting tidbits from the chapter on women’s sexual conquests and sense of sexual adventure:

1) The degree to which women sexualize their appearance often correlates to the proximity of their ovulation cycle.

The book’s authors cited two interesting studies in the book. One of the studies involved simply photographing women near their ovulation cycles, then photographing the same women when they were through with their cycle. The results revealed that the women showed much more skin the closer they were to their ovulation cycle. The second study involved photographing women at bars and interviewing them afterward. Using a computer program, they found that women in the most fertile phase of ovulation wore more revealing clothes. Simply put, ovulating women dress for sexual success.

What does this mean for the fellas? If she’s suddenly feeling you more than she was a week ago, it might not necessarily be that she’s finally come to her senses. What it does mean is you better be prepared!

2) Women who have sex with other women are more likely to have orgasms during sex than women who have sex with men.

The book gives two reasons for this: One, sex with men usually involves intercourse, which makes achieving orgasms more difficult for women. Two, men generally want sex more than women, because of this many times women have sex with men without any true desire for orgasm. They just want it to be over. The book also theorizes that women are more familiar with what turns a woman on than most men.

What does it mean for the fellas? As much as it may or or may not hurt your ego, you should probably seek the advice of a trusted lesbian friend instead of your boys for sexual pointers.

3. Beware of the perfectionist.

The book finds an interesting correlation between women who describe themselves as perfectionists and those who had been unfaithful. These women, according to the book, hold unrealistic expectations of sexual performance, causing them to be continually disappointed and search for greater sexual gratification.

What does this mean for the fellas: If she’s a perfectionist, you better come correct or be prepared to get your feelings hurt.

Be sure to look out for the next post on the Economics of Sex.

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  1. Pocahontas

    Those are some interesting views about the book your reading, I think those theories are somewhat true from my perspective also. What has happened to open communication with your partner though? I am a 40 year old very sexual woman, I know what I want & like & I express that to my partner, but even better I know he loves to please me & is always asking what I want & need, & somedays (maybe because of ovulation) I want different things!! Amazing sex is hard to come by, especially with someone who is not selfish or gets winded too easily, so ladies if it’s GOOD!! hold on tight!

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