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April 24, 2012

Throw ‘Dem Bows!!

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Written by: bryangraham
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Metta World Peace

The artist formally known as Ron Artest made news again as he “accidentally” elbowed Oklahoma City Thunder Guard James Harden in the head on Sunday. Harden left the game with a concussion and did not return. In the midst of the Thunder fans’ collective gasp at the possibility of their championship hopes slipping away, as their 17-point lead did yesterday. There has been nothing but speculation on the 4-letter network and Twitter about what Artest’s (Hey, his mama named him Ron, so I’m gon’ call him Ron) punishment should be.

This is a classic case of someone’s past coming back to haunt them. I don’t believe anyone can say 100% that Ron Artest attempted to injure James Harden. I also would be willing to bet that 90% of the NBA fans don’t care what the intent was. More than anything, this writer observed an extreme act of carelessness that could ultimately cost the Thunder a championship and more importantly James Harden his health. We’ve seen what NFL players do when they get a concussion, lie to their coaches to get back in the game, and we’ve also seen an elite NHL player, Sidney “The Kid” Crosby, miss substantial portions of the past two NHL seasons recuperating from a concussion.

Ultimately what is the right punishment in this instance? Should David Stern look at the intent of the elbow, or the effect of the elbow?


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