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April 18, 2012

Another Black Eye For College Football

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Written by: bryangraham
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It was all good just a week ago…

I’m sure somewhere in rural Arkansas Bobby Petrino is laying in the fetal position with his Ipod blasting track seven from Jay-Z’s “Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life” album. Either that or riding around on a refurbished motorcycle, quite lonely after losing his gig as the Head “‘Ball” Coach at Arkansas.

Petrino has certainly seen better days.

Unfortunately for Petrino last week was when the sports world was reminded that he is a special kind of liar.

Most of the world realized that Petrino has a unique ability to avoid the truth as if it were the plague, when he resigned as Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons in 2007. Reportedly, Petrino did so hours after meeting with Owner Arthur Blank and promising that he would remain the rest of the season. One day later, Petrino left resignation notes in the lockers of his players and accepted the position as Head Coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks (video available below).

However in Arkanas, Petrino was a WINNER. Leading the school to the Sugar Bowl 2 years ago, the Cotton Bowl last year, and overall record of 75-26 over 4 years.

But his firing has little to do with the morality of his decisions and more to do with his employer not knowing the truth before the public did.

Even winning can’t save you from that fate.

With all of the labeling of “bad guys” in the NCAA head coaching ranks because of recruiting violations, I wonder where a continuous liar, which includes his own players as well as his family, ranks on the list.

Would you rather your son play for Petrino or Jim Tressel? Or with 2011’s revelations about the Penn State program, would you rather him play for the late Joe Paterno or Petrino?

Wasn’t there supposed to be something “pure” about college sports? Gone are the days?

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