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April 6, 2012

“I am Determined”

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Written by: Tha Wisdom Kidd
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Prison Bars







This article is a part of an Empowerment Series I’m currently working on. I really want to challenge you this week. Before I get into the meat of this article, I ask for your patience as I release this Empowerment Series – I want to make sure it is well-rounded and full of “empowerment” This is not a series of messages that take you on an “emotional roll-a-coaster”.

2012. Amongst the clutter and mess I started with a message of vision, purpose and self-discovery and then sealed it with a declaration (see article: “A Vision That Won’t Die”). I know many people have given up, others don’t know where to start and are frustrated, still other’s are in a state of pain. But for all, I have a simple message: Don’t give up! Continue pressing on!
Allow me to be honest – it’s going to hurt, you may even feel afflicted, but the Lord is your shield and butler; you may get weary and feel like giving up, but trust the Lord and journey on; you may get frustrated because you can’t see the fruits of your vision, but wait upon the Lord and be of good courage; you may need help and don’t know which way to turn, but lift your eyes onto the hills from whence cometh your help. Don’t be afraid when people start walking out of your life, because many people won’t be able to handle the real you and this kind of journey must be travelled alone – just you and God. Some people may be your “prison guard” or “re-enforcers” and their job is no longer needed, because you’re coming out of your prison and eradicating every false and negative word & thought that keeps you hostage. In reality, their service to you was expired last season and was needed to get you to this place – a place of transition, renewal, vision, purpose and self-discovery.
While you’re on this journey, don’t forget that He is…
“Alpha and Omega”
“Author and finisher of my faith”
“Beginning and the end”
“The rock in a weary place”
“Light onto your feet”
“Presenter of help in the time of trouble”
“Shelter in the time of a storm”
“I challenge you to get up from where you are and move forward. I challenge you to accept your down-setting and up-raising, and press along. I ignite the visionary, your true-self, in the very fibre of your being. By the virtue of my words, arise and shake off every false and negative word, image an ideology that has been spoken over your life. What causes you not to seek better, not to move out of the circle of despair, lack of confidence, low-esteem, confusion, pain, heartache? I charge you to break every illegal soul-tie that acts as a reinforcer of negativity. I command the very chambers and prisons that hold you hostage, and those things that reinforce the mentality of a prisoner or slave, to release you. I challenge you to break through the prison walls that surround you and boldly declare: “I am free!” I liberate, empower and quicken you right now! You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. Declare that the best is yet to come! Declare that you won’t give up! Declare that you are on a journey and you won’t be blinded by temptation or distractions. I believe in you!”
Many of you are caught up on a happy ending, but remember, in every fairy-tale there is a hellacious middle.
Anchor your feet and your thoughts; don’t be confused by my wording. I’m not implying that you get comfortable in your current position or stay trapped in the same paradigm. Prepare and position yourself to move forward. Get ready for change – cause it’s going to happen.
You are one decision away, and only one decision, from living the life of your dreams; don’t give up on you! Cultivate the vision, the purpose, the best and real you – we’re awaiting your arrival.

About the Author

Tha Wisdom Kidd
Tha-WisdomKidd has dedicated his life to serving God and humanity, while equipping individuals with the skills, resources and strategies needed to reach and maximize their full potential. Many would define him as “having a heart for the people”, so it is by no surprise that he works and pursues a career in the social service sector in the capacity of community and personal development. He views obstacles and trials as an opportunity to showcase the greater creative power within one’s self, where they can boldly declare that they too shall, will and can overcome anything that attempts to hold them hostage, aboard their assignment or cripple them in any area of their life. He firmly stands on the premise and continues to remind people that they are always one decision away from living an authentic life of their dreams.




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