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May 11, 2012

Apology NOT Accepted

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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Chris Brown & Rihanna

Never say never? Well I’m saying never! I would never put my hand; open, closed or fist, to a woman. Mind you, I might take a chick by the shoulders and shake the weave outta her if she pushes all my wrong buttons, but I could never swing on a woman. Hit a woman like she was a dude?? To lay an actual beat down, as if fighting for my life in a prison yard? I can’t wrap my head around why that wouldn’t be a deal breaker for some of you women. Can’t be love.

Even in the heat of an argument, your head game has got to be on point… That is a virtue of a true man

So whats the deal ladies? If your man puts hands on you and messes up your pretty face, as long as he presents you with a “heartfelt” apology, and y’all share some birthday cake then It’s all good? I guess he didn’t really mean it. He’ll mean it next time though.

It goes both ways, and this by no means gives right for a woman to get physical with her man. We all should have learned that it means she likes you when she hits you and runs away. We left that back in the good ‘ol innocent days of grade school though. (Where some of us only played innocent). We have matured a whole lot since then… most of us! (Especially said innocent actors). Even in the heat of an argument, your head game has got to be on point fellas. So much so, that you preemptively exit from a situation that you foresee taking a turn for the worst. Be a thinking man. Always. It ain’t right to hit a woman, your father taught you that probably by way of “do as i say, not as i do!” Even if yo Daddy didn’t, I KNOW yo Mama did! What would your Mama say?
You know what I’m saying; jump out your Lambo and leave her trippin and cursing in there all by herself if you have to. Save yourself, and herself from ALL unfavorable circumstances. It’s never easy to do. In fact it’s always very difficult.

My generation grew up watching the Cosby’s. You think Claire Huxtable would have stuck around for another beating if Cliff went upside her?

Tell me where you’re at with this people. My brother’s, can you really justify having to ‘check’ your lady with physical malice? My beautiful black women, can you excuse a ‘slip’ of the fist from your man when you to disagree?

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Uncle Suave
Real talk. Like it or not with one grain of sugar a-top. Diplomacy through my stubborn ways... Truly, Your Favourite Uncle.


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  1. Where I’m from, there’s a commonly held belief that women (wives, girlfriends, and others of varying titles) should be hit…that this is a way to keep the females in check…to show that you give a damn or to prove your manhood and masculinity. Some men believe that this is part of our culture and, worse, some women just bear with the practice. Even some of those that do not or may not stand for it have no concrete way to counter it. Some women are too poor to leave the household/situation, and others may just take it as part of their lot in life. Complaints to police sometimes do not help as the police may tell you that it is your problem not theirs.To halt this practice, both men and women where I am from must really think about the ideas in this piece.

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