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January 25, 2012

BOTB Ali vs Knight-Pulliam

Ali vs. Knight-Pulliam









ou’re probably asking yourselves “Are these chicks even relevant anymore??”. WBMW takes this position: #1 They’re both FINE so it doesn’t even matter. And #2 We had to ease y’all fellas back into the Battle Of The Babes gently so you don’t spontaneously combust trying to decide between two hot ass chicks. Lets begin with these two former TV sitcom stars. They were both minors in their TV prime, so we’ll skip right to when they became fair game;

Rudy who? (Keshia Knight-Pulliam)

She’s been awarded several NAACP Image awards, won celebrity Fear Factory and The Weakest Link. She has played the PRIZE for your EYES in a couple of music videos for Chingy and Tank, tastefully making sure not to wear the ‘video h@#’ moniker. She’s stayed steadily employed in her craft from small screen to stage to big screen, currently cast in the role of Wife in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne on TBS. Yeah, she is still doin’ it! Keshia Knight-Pulliam
Not relevant? Still think so?




No more Ashley Banks (Tatyana Ali)

TV & Movie Star, Producer, R&B songstress, even an ambassador for President Barack Obama’s election campaign in 2008. Tatyana has won awards for her acting, and had several Top Billboard gold selling records in the US and UK with her biggest hit “Daydreamin” in 1999. She was recognized with a Living Legacy Award in 2011 and may be dropping another album soon, if her recurring role on the daytime soap The Young and The Restless allows her the time.

Ain’t no ring on either of these beauties gentlemen…. so don’t sleep, they’re within reach! We ain’t saying you WILL get it, but we are saying you gotta tell us who you’d choose.

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