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April 3, 2011

Married Or Single?

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Written by: rhumnoir
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Easy question BM – Do you prefer the married LIFE or single LIFE?

Married Life…


Single Life…


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  1. JJ Bone

    I am a married man for 2 years. I can say it has it’s ups and down. I am married to a black women and sometimes I wonder if it would be different with someone from a different race. My wife claims that if I were to leave her she would have no problem picking up a white man. Some how I doubt that.

  2. lol – “if you were to leave her” (now you’re talking). I’ve heard the same thing, and it maybe true that they can go out into the world and find a white guy to be with them even after being married… anything is possible! Not to put you on the spot, but you wonder if things would be different with another race… do you think it would be better or worse?

  3. rhumnoir

    It always starts out better, especially with white women…
    What I do is try not to get caught up into the female web because they will never show you their true colors from jump which sucks because the man will be as is from day one.

    • Blackcoffee

      Man I don’t know about that. I love my black women. No matter what. I don’t understand how black men could want a white women. I understand they may be a bit more co-operative but at the same time is that what you really want?

  4. Miss Avid

    That’s BS, men start off romantic and hold back on the crap the 1st year or two (more time). Just sayin’
    The bottom line is, if you’re not ready for some real compromise and understanding you don’t want to get into a commitment as serious as marriage no matter what the race. I’d also suggest living together for at least two years first.
    Please someone explain to me how your wife/husband could even approach the subject of what race or whom they “could” get with if you were to split? Disrespectful…

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