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May 1, 2011

May – WBMW (Tahiry Jose)

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Written by: rhumnoir
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Tahiry pic

This months WBMW woman is Tahiry Jose. You may recognize this beauty that stands 5′-2″ as she was a regular on http://www.joebuddentv.com; until something happened in their relationship…but WBMW could care less what that was because she’s so fine.

She currently has a calendar & DVD out (pictures are craaaaaaazy), which you can purchase by visiting http://www.tahiryonline.com/. You can find hundreds of images of  Tahiry all over the internet.

Tahiry, take a bow as you’ve been chosen to hold the May spot on WBMW. Fellas would you agree that Tahiry has what it takes to keep a BM?

April’s WBMW – Rosa Acosta: http://whatblackmenwant.com/2011/04/aprils-wbmw/

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  1. Uncle Suave


  2. Bigwill

    OMG!!! This girls trunk has a mind of it’s own!

  3. case

    The things I would do to this chick… Joe Budden who?

  4. Noxx

    Her ass has a mind of it’s own. I have seen it first hand. She walks right, the ass goes left. Like a spoiler on a car. It helps on sharp turns…

  5. water

    Seems like Joe Buddens’ videos and pics of them in love launched her into fame. There’s a lesson here guys. When you become famous, Keep your girl’s confidence high enough for her to try to stay hot, but low enough that she doesn’t launch her own blog and get fame on her own.

    For her sake i hope time and gravity are kind to her. See, you gotta throw things like that in there to keep her on her toes.

    It’s a fine line.

    Hmmm….She sure is scrumptious!

  6. Lando

    Pure magma hot. Maybe hotter than a super nova – look that sh!t up. I’m talking about 3 billion degrees son.
    Would I trade my Millennium Falcon for her….no because it’s a FN spaceship.

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