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April 21, 2011

Huh… iPhone Tracker?

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Written by: rhumnoir
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A lot of people are caught up on the iPhone and iPad buzz. They are both great products. But would you have still purchased the product if you knew that all devices had a built-in tracking device?

It’s been reported that British researchers have found a secret file in iPhones that store data on users’ movements (However WBMW hasn’t confirmed this). The file creates a virtual map of the iPhone’s whereabouts that could easily be accessed by anyone who comes in to contact with the device; when connected to a computer. The device synchronizes the data that is stored and this includes past movements. As well as recording latitude and longitude, the file also stores a timestamp of when the user was at a particular location…

Question: if you have a late night creep or late night booty call, how would you feel if you knew that someone was “watching” you? Scary thought.  But what explanations has Apple come up with to defend itself?  How do you feel about this?


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  1. AJ

    I don’t believe this crap – I’ve heard of Big Brother, but this is ridiculous…

  2. Josh

    Yeah iphone tracker is crazy. The joke is the iphone fans will still buy this like it is the cure to aids. Apple could say they have an anal probe once you download an app and Apple people will still buy it up

  3. quicknoir

    That’s so suspect! :|

  4. MizAvid

    I’ve heard of this. I met a lady that told me she wouldn’t take a new iPhone from her company, because the person that pays the bill can obtain that information. I also have a friend that uses his computer (or iPad) to locate his iPhone when he’s misplaced it.

  5. water

    I’m sure this code is being written into all new phones

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