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December 1, 2011

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I’m a young man who’s trying to embrace himself with knowledge and understanding from all aspects of life. As men, we have wants. And there are many things in this world we definitely can’t live with out, and in essence become a need. One thing I’m at war with understanding is women. One of the things men shouldn’t and can’t live without. Understanding women is very challenging. I often hear a generalization of what every black man wants to be SEX. It sucks because this stereotype has begun to encompass the majority of us men.

There are still those few of us who would like to know the inner beauty of a woman; taking the time to get to know her MIND and her BEING.

As a young black man I want to know and understand a woman inside and out. For the women that tend to always have in the back of their minds that all black men want is SEX don’t give it up so easy. Its got to be looked at from a different perspective to dispell this misconception; more time should be spent on understanding what you as a woman want in a man. I’ve told a few women that you can’t expect to want all the greatest qualities in a man knowing damn well that you yourself aren’t REALLY sure what you want, and what you’re willing to offer.

I strongly relate to the artist Wale when he states; “I want to see something else in you before I invest in you. I’m in love with your business but your productivity is the reason I interest. I like the person you are, but I’m in love with the person you have potential to be.”


Raymond ‘Teddy’ Dei

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  1. kwameli

    Mr. Teddy
    First of all well done, very insightful and thoughtful. I just want to share a simple principle that I use when speaking to some of our sisters. Three simple questions all our ladies should ask themselves in search for the “perfect” man.
    1. What am I looking for?
    2. What are the people that am looking for – looking for?
    3. Am I It?
    I refer to this principle as the “It Factor”. Some of our sisters say that they are looking for a 6’3 tall dark, handsome, intelligent, 3.5 GPA, doctor/lawyer, drives a Mercedes ML350, knight and shining armor. Nothing is wrong with having “HIGH” standards, but like you said, don’t set high standards when you – yourself don’t measure up. Not to generalize but brothers of that caliber don’t usually “hang” out in the clubs. What are you looking for? What are the people you’re looking for – looking for, where do they “hang” out, what are your goals, mission, and purpose in life? Ladies open your eyes; there are good men out there. Brothers lets prove them wrong that we are not all the same, some of us are actually attractive to intelligence, individuality, ladies who are inspired, motivated and empowered and not all about the glitz and glam and the lime light.


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