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November 3, 2011

The Diamond Twins

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The Diamond Twins

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada to St. Lucian and Portuguese parents The Diamond Twins, also known as Chantelle and Sierra Henry began their modeling career a short while ago but have quickly seen positive results.

Although, Chantelle and Sierra are identical twins they are fairly different personality wise. Sierra being the more outgoing of the two is a mother of one and pursing a college education. Chantelle on the other hand is a bit more reserved until approached with a love for fashion and animals. For many years the girls have been approached to get involved in modeling but were focused on other things. It was just within the last year that they have buckled down and viewed modeling as a career choice. In that short time they have been stared in the Slim Thug ft B.O.B – So High video, Red Café ft Diddy – Money, Money, Money video and Lil Chuckie – Unstoppable video, as well as many Canadian videos. In addition, they have been involved in photo shoots for clothing lines, flyers, events and their personal portfolio as well as being involved in numerous car shows in a model/hostess capacity. More recently they have been featured on XXL magazine on-line, Talk of Toronto and Talk of Detroit websites with many more for their fans to look forward to.

In a short time The Diamond Twins have taken over the modeling scene and will continue to do so. They are dedicated to their craft and open to learning as much as there is to learn in this game, as they pursue a path that they have a strong passion for.

Information source: www.diamondtwins.ca

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