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October 4, 2011

Bounce TV Launch

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Written by: ivyprosper
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September 25th, 2011 at noon marked a historical day in Black media. Bounce TV, a brand new television station targeting a Black audience age 25-54 launched out of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s called America’s first over-the-air broadcast network specifically for the African-American viewer. Unlike other stations like Centric, BET or TV One, a subscription to a cable provider is not needed to access this station.

Martin Luther King III, Will Packer, Rob Hardy, Ryan Glover, John Katz and former U.N ambassador and Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young are among the founders and financial backers of this venture. The goal of this new channel is to provide programming that will allow its viewers to watch classic programming, inspirational stories, sports, movies, faith-based shows and documentaries. Bounce TV will begin with a line-up that includes familiar old and new classic films like “The Wiz”, “Do The Right Thing” and “A Raisin in The Sun”. The network hopes that through identifying both old and new icons in the Black community, they can build a strong fan base.

Bounce TV Executive, Ryan Glover

In an era where there are hundreds of options available in television it’s a wonder why they would even take on such a challenging venture. After all, since launching in January, Oprah’s network, OWN has struggled to maintain strong ratings despite her media power. So why would these men think they could make an impact? Ryan Glover says he felt that there is more than enough room for another network to serve the community. He was quoted in an article on Reuters.com as saying that the Black community is “desperately under-served.” Will Packer, Co-founder and Chairman of Rainforest Films, best known for the films Stomp The Yard and Takers, told the Huffington Post, “We expected challenges and we had challenges. You’re talking about launching a network; so with any network, no matter what type of network it is, you’re going to have the challenges of financing, the challenges of distribution, the challenges of marketing. Certainly when you’re talking about an African-American broadcast network, you’re going to have those same challenges, plus some additional ones. We were also coupled with the opportunity of being the first, and anytime you’re the first to do something, it’s almost like uncharted territories. But what I’m excited about is the fact that we’ve met these challenges head on. The network is launching and it’s going to launch in over 50 percent of the country.”

Bounce TV

For the initial broadcast the station is available in selected regions including Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Houston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Hartford, West Palm Beach, Memphis, Richmond and more. For a full listing of the cities Bounce TV will broadcast in visit the website at www.bouncetv.com.

Over time Bounce TV does plan to have original programming. They are developing several ideas and projects since they see the niche that currently is not being represented on other networks out there. Ryan Glover told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, “We’re all catering and creating content for our consumer base, but we don’t all march to the beat of the same drum.” It will be an opportunity for writers, actors and producers to have their work shown that would otherwise not be given a chance on some of the major network players out there.


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Ivy Prosper is a freelance writer, public speaker and television reporter and host. Her work has been featured in various publications including ehow.com, BizComb Magazine, and on her fashion blog styleandcultureblog.com. Through her career she has worked in fashion buying, design and as a fashion model. She has also worked in television as a Host, Reporter and script-writer.


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  1. Devon

    This sounds like a great venture. I am just not sure if it can compete with BET. Maybe. We will see…

  2. Thanks for your comment. People said the same thing when TV One (www.tvoneonline.com) came out a few years ago. But it’s still going strong with a different audience. I think the offering is something different than BET. There are viewers who don’t like what BET has to offer. It’s an option. There’s always room for healthy competition! I guess only time will tell.

  3. Christl n babcock

    where can I find it I live near Greenvill NC?

    • CEO

      Hello – hopefully this will help!



    • You can find it on Fox (WFXI) or on WYDO.

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