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August 9, 2011

Battle of The Babes – Hudson vs. Ambrosius

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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ig Round 6!  These two fyne ladies are on par to satisfy every weight class in the game, pun intended.  Two true R&B Diva’s who we believe present an ultimate comparison, despite the timeless feud of preference between darkskinned and lightskinned black men and women.

In this corner we have Jennifer Hudson, whose “rags to riches” story was launched from her success as a contestant and finalist on American Idol’s season III.  Her 7th place finish was clearly no indication to how far her voice would take her.   She won a Grammy with her Platinum selling self titled debut album “Jennifer Hudson”  in 2008.  Her acting was nothing short of incredible, co-starring to  Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls won her  an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a British Academy Award, a SAG , Teen Choice and an NAACP Image Award.  From her thick and curvaceous body beginnings to her now svelt and trimmed down front-woman of Weight Watchers….  We are watching girl, and we ain’t talking about the pounds!



Accross the ring is another very talented sultry singer, songwriter, musician and producer in Marsha Ambrosius.  Only begining her solo career earlier this year, Marsha’s 11 years deep in the industry making beautiful music accross the pond in the English duo Floetry as The Songstress of the group.  Her angelic voice doesn’t need any music, she can get the job done right accapella;  the proof is in the long A-list of artist’s in which she’s featured her writing and voice in collaboration with including Justin Timberlake, Patti LaBelle, Common, Nas and the late great Michael Jackson.  Her package is all prim, proper and sexy all over, this goes well past her British accent.  A little more than thick before, Marsha has jumped to the top of a lot of Black Men’s must do list with her new look to go with her new solo campaign and release of  Marsha Ambrosius – Late Nights & Early Mornings.  Hers is a  face you’d want to see on any early morning!


Gentlemen, if your engines aren’t revving by now, something’s wrong!! Make your choice

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