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April 15, 2011

Are Rappers Role Models?

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Written by: rhumnoir
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Bun B & Lupe Fiasco debate a school teacher, whether rappers are role models? Both rappers make valid points and begin the age-long debate on whether rappers/entertainers are role models.

FYI Bun B has joined the faculty of Rice University as a Distinguished Lecturer. He teaches a course in the School of the Humanities on Hip-Hop and Religion starting spring 2011 semester.

Brothers please speak on this age-long debate. Are rapper role models for today’s young black youths?

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  1. Ebonysmoothe

    I think anyone who is in the public eye can be a role model. It’s up to the fans to make them role models tho. Diddy is my role model. He’s an astute business man.

  2. Linx156

    My dad is my role model. We shouldn’t look to people we don’t know as role models. We know nothing abt their character, ethics or morals

  3. K9

    Kanye is my role model. He speaks hs mind and never holds back. He keeps it real.

  4. Lando

    I’m with Linx on this one…It’s one thing to admire someone’s work ethic, talent, money, cars, side piece, chunky watch, home (summer or otherwise)twitter followings…what was the question?

  5. South Beach

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  6. water

    Now we all know that bussing guns in the air and puffing blunts is cool. Deep down we want to route for the rebel. If rappers are portraying the rebel role, of course we’re going to want to be like them.

    I don’t see going to church and holding your parents hands becoming cool, no matter who does it. I’m sure Baby and Lil Wayne thought they’d be launching the next trend in kissing ban on the mouth. As big as Lil Wayne is, mouthing kissing your boys never became the new thing. So maybe we follow rappers as role models because they show us a life above authority, which we all wish for deep down.

    We pick those things we wish we had in our lives and copy those things. More shock, more toughness………. and hopefully no mouth kissing ever.
    Because no matter how rough a rapper kisses a next rapper on the mouth, the youth will still see it fir what it is; a gay tender moment shared between two bloodclot men. As far as I see, kids still see that as maad gay, which shows there’s still hope for the youth. It also shows that even though they follow heroes, they still make the final choice for what do follow.

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