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July 29, 2011

“He Aint Your Homie, Stop Lying”

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Written by: Jack Tha Kid
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Oh say word! Is that so… you are still friends with your ex boyfriend are you?  Fcuk that.  If ever there was an example of the difference between men and women, here is the test case.  While women want to cry and understand all there is to be a human being and ask why all the time… fcuk do they ever ask some why; problem is that no matter how much you tell them it is just because, they fucking ask why all over again.  Agreeing to disagree doesn’t work with women.

So back to the beginning because I know you are wondering why men can’t truly be friends with an ex in the true sense of friendship.  What chicks need to get through their domes is that straight men don’t have legit interest in hearing about anyone’s feelings and insistent whining and bitching if they don’t love them like fam or are interested in them for the cooch.  We are just not into the sappy shit that goes on from time to time.  We listen to that shit as a compromise leading to the bedroom when it comes to women not family or lifelong friends.   It’s all good to be cordial and all with an ex, but a true buddy that you hang with on occasion… not so much, take that shit somewhere else.

Let Tha Kid break it down further… think of it as an open or closed door.  We (dudes) open up when we are lusting after a broad and she shows even a little crack in the pussy door (at least we think it’s an opening).  Slap a chastity belt on the pussy and best believe we slam shut our ears to all your fucking problems and issues we were more than welcome to listen to before.

So in case you’re not following along for whatever reason let me be even more clear and to the point.  DON”T TELL US HE IS JUST YOUR FCUKING FRIEND!! We’re the dudes and refer to the previous paragraph.  We know how dudes think.  He is plotting, scheming and angling his way into you squirrel covers, no matter how much you think he is just the sweetest thing and best ex-boyfriend/buddy in the world.  Sure we may care about the ex a bit and still not want harm to come to her, but we aren’t looking forward to a damn wedding invite or night out with the ex and her friends.  Any night out with the ex in our head ideally ends in guilt free sex were internally we can piss on our turf for one more night.

Understand this ladies and sissy men out there; men who allow their women to have exes as friends = Massive Fail!  And women, trust that the unique relationship you have with your ex in particular is not unique.  Stop fooling yourself, he wants to pushin!  That familiar line “me and my ex are different, we are really just friends”, been there, heard that, same shit from before.   You all use the same line. You are not a fcuking exception… K!

Now excuse me as I call up one of my exes that left that door slightly open for Tha Kid, I’m gonna go and be that special friend she needs.



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Jack Tha Kid
Jack Richards, or Tha Kid as he is affectionately known; or maybe not… Either way, this man has some strong opinions about everything there is to be said when it comes to relationships, sex and style.  Always willing to give his advice to those willing and able to listen, he is an interesting and surely controversial Mind of Zadishe at www.jackthakid.com and columnist at www.whatblackmenwant.com.



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  1. dime

    this is ignorant and clearly written from the perspective of someone young with no respect for women. it’s possible that the core idea is legitimate but please ladies, don’t take any advice from a boy whose only interest in ‘chicks’ and ‘broads’ is a master plan to get ‘the pussy’…and has the nerve to write about it in public. surely this boy exists in the world…LOTS of them. but trust me, you deserve better than to settle for this kind of immature b.s. and those real MEN, well they exist too. keep it moving.

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