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July 21, 2011

Wifey Material

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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Alicia Keys

hat’s yours made of?  Yeah, yeah sugar and spice, all that good stuff!  But what are you really looking for in  your ideal woman?  Jamie Foxx sings about her in Ne-yo’s She Got Her Own : “I love her ’cause she got her own / She don’t need mine, so she leave mine alone / There ain’t nothing that’s more sexy / than a girl who wants but don’t need me” and Black Thought spills it about her in The Roots’ – The ‘Notic: “This beautiful blend, I knew her through a mutual friend / She was a work of art, a part of my heart from back then“. 

We’re gonna let y’all BlackMen write this one,

We’re gonna let y’all BlackMen write this one,so please tell WBMW:
What qualities, attitudes, strengths/weaknesses, likes and dislikes comprise your “The One”? Have trouble telling it, what’s your song that says it for you?

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