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April 14, 2011

Game Changer – Drake

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Written by: noirmoustache
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n the Game Changer, WBMW likes to pick an influential figure and discuss how he/she has changed the game. The change can be subtle or complex but we keep our explanation short, easy to read, and to the point.

Aubrey “Drake” Graham

Actor, rapper, singer

Toronto, Canada

How has Drake changed the game?

Drake has created his own brand where he utilizes a number of his many talents to become extremely influential. He has managed to create an excessive amount of wealth in such a short period of time. He is exhibiting The lox and Lil Kim’s definition of the key to life- MONEY POWER AND RESPECT. Drake took the chance experimenting with rapping and singing and has allowed it to be acceptable in Hip-Hop culture.

Whether it is intentional or not, Drake is setting trends. He has tried to create a no stereotypical image of what a rap star is supposed to look and do. His wardrobe suggests he does not need to look like the “typical” rapper. This is similar to what De la Soul did in 1989. Be yourself, and if you’re talented, you will succeed.

Brothers, has Drake changed the game by making it more acceptable for black men to be themselves? Or is it society in general changing allowing brothers to be themselves?

Brothers please speak on it…

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  1. ebony_smoothe

    Drake needs a stylist his gear is wack. his videos are wack too however his music is nice.

  2. Mr rock

    I will have to agree. His gear needs a tune up. Not sure why he doesn’t get one.

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