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March 29, 2012

I’m That Guy! Who Are You?

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Written by: ebony_smoothe
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Most blackmen have never sat down and evaluated their lifestyle, huge mistake fellaz.  In order to be THAT guy you have to BE, THAT GUY!. No, that was not a Jedi mind trick.  It’s actually a very simple concept that works once you think and apply the necessary ingredients.

Let me explain….

Does THAT GUY dress like you? Probably not.

Does THAT GUY have the same amount of debt as you? Probably not.

Does THAT GUY invest in the same stocks, bonds or real estate as you? Probably not.

Does THAT GUY drink the same alcohol as you? Probably not.

Does THAT GUY have your physique? Definitely not!!

You get the message?

A wise man once said to me “Do not dress for your job, dress for the job you want to have!”

To be that guy you have start speaking like him, dressing like him and start thinking like him. That is the only way you can become that guy. I am that guy, and if you follow my lead you can be that guy too.

Here’s a checklist of rules to live by.

    • Go to the gym and change your diet. You are either too fat or too skinny…PERIOD!
    • Study money…what is it? How do I get more of it? Invest it, and spend it in your community
    • Dress like that guy; because the way you dress sucks monkey balls…
    • Stop chasing multiple women it’s a waste of time. Chase one and spend the extra time refining your craft i.e. learning about money, studying another language, working out, learning how to cook a new dish etc. That guy doesn’t chase women but he always has women chasing him because his craft is tight! Your craft is weak!!
    • Cultivate relationships. That guy has a network of friends and associates. That guy always has the hook up because he is constantly in touch with his network. You’re too busy chasing women.

Make a change today black men. And Be. That. Guy!!

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  1. Can I put this on a plague and hand it out?? Or better yet have drake rap this post so MEN WILL LISTEN!!! Kudos for this one

  2. Bubba

    I emulate this “guy”. He is I and I am him. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of us out here. Fellas, c’mon man, get your ‘self’ up! Do You, proper!

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