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July 16, 2011


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Written by: ebony_smoothe
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“A man who does not wear a watch will always be late because he does not respect time”….anonymous

Timepieces have always been part function part fashion. In today’s society the timepiece symbolizes your style, your accomplishments, level of sophistication and your social status.

In choosing your timepieces, meticulous attention to detail is very important. Your timepiece should reflect your style but should also be simple enough to read at a glance. The timepiece should also be paired to the event or function that you are attending. One timepiece does not fit all occasions.

You need three timepieces fellas:

  • The Classic every day watch-Tag, Seiko, Movado, Tissot, Esquire
  • The digital sport watch- g-shock, Nike, Casio, Timex, Adidas
  • The high end watch- Panerai, IWC, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Rolex

   Do you know what time it is?

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  1. 3 is a minimum! Get your watch game up BM!

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