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July 14, 2011

Taking One For The Team

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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I took 1 for the Team! Saturday night, my boy picked me up to cruise the clubs and PLP (parking lot pimp) . His truck looks really good, and gets a lot of attention. This night it wasn’t the attention that we wanted though. We bounce from one spot to another, the “boys in blue” were out all over, but I know we’re legit; no warrants, tags are current, no problems right? …..WRONG! The one cop-out of five that we passed so far decides he’s going to F&%K with us. No flashy lights yet, he’s just following. That’s when my boy is like “Yo, I’m not supposed to be driving!” I’m like “WTF are you talking about?”. Apparently he’s under suspension and failed to reveal this to me! He tells me to take the wheel. Again I give him the “WTF are you talking about?”. Flashy lights are on now! My boy starts slowing down, reclines the driver’s seat, and straight slides into the back seat like he’s the Sandman. I know I’m clean, so I slide over the centre console as smooth as I can and pull over before it looks too suspicious. I reach over my shoulder and click the seat belt just as the cop taps on my window. I didn’t actually end up taking 1 for my boys’ Team; the cop had nothing on me, and he didn’t see us switch up drivers. My boy ended up with a $150 no seatbelt ticket, like a sucka! HOTN.

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