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July 14, 2011

Smartphone Armaments – Are You Carrying?

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Written by: Uncle Suave
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Would you trade your phone for a day? A few hours maybe? …Or does the fear of withdrawal symptoms deter you from parting with your worldly connection? Did you have a choice of smartphone, or was that decision made for you to go with a Blackberry by way of your company’s IT department and RIM’s grip on enterprise systems. Choosing a smartphone is never easy, the market is flooded with choices of varying hardware manufacturers and operating systems. The decision sometimes comes as a result of unfortunate circumstance; or what is known as a “fonetality”. A drop from height, or an incident of wetting that presents the opportunity to replace and upgrade to something new. Android OS devices are winning that race; with 43% of recent acquirers purchasing an Android device. However, a majority 31% of African-American smartphone owners have a Blackberry as their mobile device. I myself am part of a minority (no pun intended) 15% of African Americans that are iPhone users, although across the board Apple is currently winning the smartphone race in North America.

Which is your weapon of choice for battling phone calls, text messages, mobile banking and surfing?

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