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June 6, 2011

What Do BM Want?

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Written by: CEO
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huge question for all BM is “What do we want out of life?” Is it love and or relationships? Money, cars or even women?

Obama has proven that a BM can become the leader of the free world. I am eagerly anticipating what the next generation of a “facebook” will be capable of, and the possibility that a black man such as myself may be the one behind it. We run major businesses, control commodities and own real estate developments, the sky is literally the limit…. I stand corrected, as we are also Astronaut’s!

There are currently only four black billionaires, and 2 afro-multiracial billionaires in the world Black BillionairesBM, there needs to be more of us on that list. We have lent our talents to such innovations as: the folding chair, traffic lights, and the trajectory of missiles. We have come a long way, and there still lies a long road ahead of us.

The sole purpose of this ezine is for BM across the globe to have a voice – one that can be heard from anywhere in this world. Use WBMW as the platform for you to share your thoughts, and we will find the answer to this question;                               What Do Black Men Want?

Let’s keep it positive

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  1. rhumnoir

    That’s easy… black men want white women! Can I get an amen?

  2. blacks

    Where are all the white women? I’m tired of these black women they take up to much time and money and they complain way too much.

  3. Uncle Suave

    @ blacks: ‘All’ the white women are out there. You obviously haven’t met enough of the black women, or you’re not looking in the right places. Oh, and not all white women are docile, so when you come across a ‘strong’ one, you might feel the same way about her as you apparently do about black women.

  4. water

    Come on guys. Is this a cheerleading site for white women? Ya I agree, some white women look white and milky good, but a lot are also wack.

    I think we want some loot, respect, peace, and fun, in all situations and times. We want No guff. Guff sucks.

  5. SingleSexyNSweet

    @rhumnoir @blacks …wow I don’t even want to know if either of you are black men. At any point before posting your comments did you take a moment to think of the mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers who helped raised you? It’s such a shame that you could be so negative towards black women.

    *Don’t ever forget that it was a black woman who brought you into this world and treated you like gold*

    Uncle Suave made a good point, in that, contrary to popular belief not all *white women* are docile and believe it or not all black women are nags. Many of us *young black women* of this day in age – are patient, kind, loving and eager to please *the right man* !

    I refuse to believe ALL black men are needy, egotistical dreamers…but I have to admit reading baseless comments like yours make it a tad difficult.

  6. Strongarm

    Yeah I agree with that dude water. White women are fun at times but you need to talk to more black women Noir. Need to see what they all have to offer. Look around and respect the black women

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