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June 13, 2011

Idiotbox, No Longer


Got a Smartphone? Stupid question, of course you do! Now you need a smart TV! We’re not talking about the flat screens that may be hanging on your walls right now, we’re talking about a ‘top-a-top’ master media device that is capable of replacing your desktop PC! Meet Samsung’s newest lineup of Plasma 8000 televisions. Yes, plasma. Not LED. 1080p? Check! Barely there thin? 1.5″, Check! 3D? Of course! …it comes with 2 pairs of lightweight glasses, and will wirelessly connect and stream all of your personal media from your digital devices. A built-in web browser and special Apps from a specific TV App Store that will allow you to surf the internet as seamlessly as an actual computer, through a more intuitive and vivid experience. Skype and update your social media right from your favourite couch. You won’t want to put this remote down because when you turn it over, it has a full qwerty keyboard on the flip side. Misplaced the remote have you? Just use your phone to control the television via bluetooth.
Samsung Remote

Available in 51″, 59″, 64″ and ranging in price from $2,300-$3,800, you need to get you one as badly as we do!


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