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May 30, 2011

Tribute – Gilbert Scott-Heron

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Gil Scott Heron

Gil Scott Heron

April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011

If you are asking yourself, right now, who was Gilbert “Gil” Scott-Heron? Then you’re probably not into poetry at ALL! Gil was a Poet, musician, spoken-word artist and writer for starters. Arguably considered to be a master at spoken word and “father” to Hip-Hop.

Where Did The Night Go

The most notable speech from Gil Scott-Heron would be the remarkable critically acclaimed recording “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.”

Gil Scott-Heron was extremely influential in the hip-hop community, primarily due to his single “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”. This piece was endorsed and sampled by various rappers, including Public Enemy, Kanye West, Brand Nubians, Mos Def, Aesop Rock, Talib Kweli, Common, and many more.

Gil Scott-Heron has a large catalog of artistic contributions including
15 Studio albums, 9 Live albums, 11 Compilation albums, 6 books, and 3 films.

The artistic community suffered a severe blow when it was announced that this supreme human being had passed away on May 27th 2011. The cause of his death has yet to be confirmed, however, in a 2008 interview he had confirmed to be HIV positive.

The black community may not ever witness anyone with such poetic skills, courage and discipline to his cause ever again. Brothers, please post comments to what Gil Scott-Heron meant to you so we can reflect on this great man’s life.

Official site: http://gilscottheron.net/

Me And The Devil


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  1. Mason

    RIP Mr. Scott-Heron you will be missed!

  2. Kevin7

    I heard of Gil Scott Heron. Didn’t know that so many rappers sampled him. I also did not know he was HIV positive. He should have called up Magic!

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