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May 25, 2011

Black Bike Week – What???

Black Bike Week

Black Bike Week

Yeah, I said it; BLACK Bike Week. Aka BBW, aka Atlantic Beach Bikefest. It’s a week leading up to Memorial Day devoted to the hundreds of thousands of motorcyclist, of all colours and creeds, that descend upon Myrtle Beach, South Carolina every year to partake in all the festivities. It all began back in the segregation era circa 1970 when Atlantic Beach was the only beach in the south that allowed African-Americans to visit. Officially founded by the Flaming Knight Riders MC in 1980, the bike rally grew from 100 participants to now over 400,000.


Whether you ride a motorcycle or just enjoy partying and beaches, BBW is an event you want to say you’ve experienced at least once! Take a peek at what you’re missing…



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  1. Moe

    All this time I thought BBW was started to show off scandalous hoes on bikes with g-stings so they can get attention. I didn’t know it started off as a righteous cause to now just a attention hoeing cause. Good to know.

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