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May 27, 2011

Spotlight – Benard Hopkins Jr.

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Written by: rhumnoir
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Benard Hopkins

Benard Hopkins

The man known to the world as the Executioner will now also be known as the oldest American middleweight boxing champion. Last weekend at the ripe age of 46, Philly native Benard Hopkins stunned the boxing world by defeating 28 year old Jean Pascal with a unanimous decision after going the twelve round distance. After this win Hopkins now holds WBC and WBC Diamond, IBO and The Ring Light heavyweight champion.

Hopkins showed his stamina throughout the fight and also took it a step further by doing push-ups between rounds. His strategy to get into the head of the Haitian fighter Pacal worked with a 12th round win by decision.

Hopkins has said he will retire at the end of this year, and would like to go out on top and in style. After boxing Hopkins will keep himself busy as he is a Managing partner in Golden Boy Promotions, which was founded by now retired boxer Oscar De La Hoya in 2001. With two fights left on his contract will Benard Hopkins be able to defend his titles and have that so-called over the top exit from the sport so many other great athletes fail to carry out? WhatBlackMenWant’s believes he does…

The Benard Hopkins Story:

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  1. water

    Man, I still haven’t seen this fight. I’ve been looking for it though. Sounds like a must see. Watch this fight with your pops. It’ll put that sparkle in his eye.

    I had to double check his age because I thought him being 46 was a typo. This is a classic case of ol’ man strength. Like when you first started working out or something and you start roughhousing with your dad or uncle or something. You feel strong and in control until he grips you with those hands that have been lifting boxes, shoveling, sawing, tightening bolts, and opening mayonaise jars for donkey years!

  2. Mason

    46 and doing push-ups! Lmfao…

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