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May 21, 2011

The Greatest!

Notorious BIG


Who many consider to have been the greatest rapper of all time would have been 40 years old today. Christopher George Latore Wallace (aka. Biggie Smalls, BIG, Big Poppa, Notorious BIG) was taken from us at the early age of 24 on (March 9th, 1997).  This article is not intended to rehash the death of whom WhatBlackMenWant considers to be the greatest rapper to ever live, but to celebrate the huge success and IMPACT that this black man had in life and the rap game. Biggie’s lyrics were beyond smooth and to know he never used a pen/pad to remember them, makes him more impressive. His lines are still used to this day by many, and not just rap artists. Lines like “Versace shades, watchin ya” brought the rap game to another level, and forced other rappers to step their game up. Along with Diddy they made everything look cool in the 90′s. From “One More Chance” to “Going Back to Cali” his music was like nothing we’ve ever heard before.

Men, I have to ask… How many of you used one of Biggie’s lines or a Diddy’s line like “Tell your friends, to get with my friends, and we can be friends” to help get to know someone better?

Sean Combs (aka. Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy… Swag) we take our hats off to you, as you made it all possible for everyone to hear and experience this great talent for years.  His name will continue to live on through you, Voletta Wallace, and the rest of the Wallace family.


notorious big_album

Big Poppa

One More Chance (Remix)

Get Money

Player’s Anthem

Checkout this image of Biggie!


WhatBlackMenWant and the world would like to say Happy Birthday “Biggie”… Your truly missed, and we will never forget you!

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  1. Lando

    I’ll make this short. I find most RnB cats think Biggie was the greatest. I said it.

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