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June 16, 2011

Key To The World!

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Written by: rhumnoir
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The equation: (valid passport + transportation = The WORLD)












ts simple, want to travel? You need a VALID passport!

Having a passport falls in line with having a cell phone, a computer or even a car! It’s that important…trust me! Not just any passport, but a valid passport from the country in which you live. There are so many places to see and things to do in this world, but you can only do them if you have one. This government issued document allows you to visit places and experience many different foods, lifestyles, religions & people and their cultures!

Remember, many of our past civil rights activists fought for our freedoms and rights. BM, we need to take advantage of this and leave “the block”!  It is virtually impossible to have a global perspective if you haven’t travelled and experienced another way of life. The more countries you have visited dictates a lot of your character. How many countries have you visited?

I’m sure you know at least one person that travels frequently. If you don’t travel because you don’t have a passport, once you get one, you will be hit with the travel bug.

Whatever country you’re in Google – “How to get a passport” will help you get yours!

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  1. water

    Leave the block for real. If experiencing different places isn’t enough to inspire you because you’re all about that sweet poon tang consider this. Leaving your own country puts you on to new game. You’ll see how men do their chopping abroad. You can also try out your own chopping techniques, knowing that you’ll be leaving there, not worried about how it’ll affect people’s view of you. You’ll have the feeling of being brand new, in a new place.

    When you get back home, you’re new again. The jubbs will smell this on you and it will give you a speed burst for a while when you touch home. Now you’re deep and knowledgable.

    Another tip for my BM is, when going somewhere, being off of a resort will teach you a lot more. If you do end up on the resort, leave when you can. The world is not as dangerous as the news makes it sound.

    For any of this, you need a passport.

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