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June 6, 2011

Babes On Bikes

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Written by: rhumnoir
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Biker Babes

Babes on Choppers


hat’s hotter than seeing a woman on a bike? Let’s be honest fellas… nothing! So therefore WhatBlackMenWant had to put out a post about women and their love for bikes. Face it men, we love our bikes but we don’t look as good on them as women do! Whether they are riding or just sitting on them, they do the machines real justice. Females have been riding bikes for ages now so of course it’s not just about how they look on them, because some women can handle a bike better than a man.


For example, Trinity riding the Ducati 996 in the Matrix Reloaded scene on the highway. Granted, crazy special effects were used to create the scene, but she looked amazing and had a male passenger throughout the entire chase. Some may argue that a male stunt double was used, but never the less what the world saw was a female handling a bike into on-coming traffic. If that doesn’t send your libido racing…. then we don’t know what will!

Matrix Reloaded Best Bike Chase Ever

Biker Babes

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  1. water

    Hey, someone tell that babe that she’s totally riding that bike both backwards and upside down. Also, i’m not sure if those bikinis will protect these babes if they fall, considering they’re trick riding and all.

    Ya babes on bikes are hot. I think it’s because it reminds us of babes riding us. So what’s hotter than babes on bikes? Babes on me.

    • You are soooo right water, I started writing the article thinking that way but I feel the site is sexist enough as it it! But I do agree with your last sentence “they do look do look better riding us”.

  2. SingleSexyNSweet

    Water….like a girl handles her man trust me we can handle our bikes. When our thighs grab that tank it doesn’t matter if we’re in a bikini or a track suit…We set out to stay on top! *wink*

  3. Garth

    Babes on bikes are hot. But SingleSexyNsweet, do you ride? I will be honest, I don’t believe women are good at riding bikes. I just think it is just a form of penis envy. Wanna be or hang with the fellas

  4. cocoa loco

    i ride. i model. i love my bike. i only pose in bikinis… i ride with gear. whoever or whatever people wanna think about girls on bikes is cool. people comment on it always… but i’m an adrenaline junkie… i just had to get it off my bucket list- motorcycle, check. up next, sky diving…

  5. Bubba

    I definitely like to see a babe on bike, more so if she knows how to handle it. It is rare to see women who can actually RIDE. Most of them are at it for the attention, or for the thrill, no real passion though!

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