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July 24, 2012

Are Women Funny?

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Are Women Funny?






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was wondering, are women funny? Sure there are a few funny comedians on BET, and maybe Ellen Degeneris, but when is the last time a girl made you really laugh? (I can’t remember when) Is it that they are so sexually objectified by men they can’t be funny? Is it that women don’t get funny roles in popular media, so we are missing out on their comedy potential? Or is it that women really just aren’t that funny? Every dude would like a girl who is funny, that can make him laugh, and take away some of the expectation for us to be Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock or Will Smith on every date.. I guess the question is, Are girls funny? Is that important to you? If girls were funnier, would more relationships flourish?.

- The Anonymous Poster

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  1. water

    Women are more cute funny. Funny because they’re trying. So the laughter is more of an awwww, did you see the girl trying to be funny?

    I’ve only met a few truly funny women in my life, but they weren’t hot, so I stopped laughing, because they weren’t that funny.

  2. Bliss

    I know a couple of funny females, but the problem with them is they think their alot funnier then they really are. Also they suck to look at – I’m like if a girl is cutting you up with jokes and she’s hot you should turn to her and say “Damn your funny let’s continue the roasting in bed”.

    But if she’s ugly – I’m thinking your whack and shut the fcuk up!

  3. Poppa Rock

    I will have to agree with water. The combo of funny women and good looks don’t mix like oil and water. Even comedians are not hot. Look at the Queens of comedy. None of them chicks were hot. Chelsea Handler is hot and funny. She can get it. That about it. Know one else really..

  4. Lando

    Most funny women happen to be lesbians. The funny ones that get paid to be funny…comedians.
    I’ll throw this out there…sorry poppa rock, but you never see Chelsea Handler and Dennis Leary in the same room at the same time….Pokaroo!

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